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We are Delighting Taste Buds of Thousands with our range of Mouthwatering Candies Like Center Filled Candies, Imli Masala Filled Candy etc..

About Our Company
How can someone not love candies? These are the confectionery items which we all love to eat irrespective of age. Small in size, these sweet, tantalizing and sour consumables gives a mouthwatering taste and just work wonders on the taste buds of any person. Among all the candy lovers, A.M. Industries is one of the most praised names. We are a company which delivers the most tongue tipping tastes to the customers in our range of Candies. Working as a Manufacturer, we assure that quality and taste are never sacrificed from our end.

Recently Viewed Products

Eclairs Candy
1000 INR
5 Carton/Cartons
FRUIT POP Lollipop
1200 INR
10 Carton/Cartons
Imli Candy
1000 INR
5 Carton/Cartons
Litchi, cola coconut lollipop
1000 Per Carton INR/Carton
5 Carton/Cartons
Imli Masala Filled Candy
1000 Per Carton INR
5 Carton/Cartons
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